In search of fall colors

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Rocky Knob.
Along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Rocky Knob.
When in need for fall color, it is often found on the Blue Ridge Parkway, like this spot on Bent Mountain.

Capturing the colors of fall is always a hit or miss proposition.  Temperatures that flop back and forth between hot and near-freezing leaves scatters areas of color while rain strips the leaves off trees before the colors fully arrive.

Here we are closing in on November and the vistas are still green in some areas while others provide more naked branches than explosions of color.  Photos below show more colorful years.

How fall colors normally look north of Roanoke on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Not this year.
Close-up shot near our home during a colorful year.
My favorite fall color photo, shot not this year but in 2009.

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