Senior night for the football Buffaloes

Buffaloes QB Ian Bary ran for 83 yards, including 66 of them and a TD late in the game.
Ian Bary, Buffalo quarterback, plays his final regular season game on Friday’s Senior Night,

Thermometer on our back porch reads 37 degrees on this Friday morning, October 27, 2017, about what one could expect in mid-fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Yet the warm falls and winters of recent years makes it seem colder than what we now expect for this time of year.

When the sun comes out, the day will warm up to the mid to upper 60s and should be in the mid 50s as the Floyd County Buffaloes face James River for the final home game of the regular season that starts at 7 p.m. at the high school.

Showers and cooler weather with a high around 58 for Saturday with lows in the upper 30s again before a colder Sunday with a high of just 43 and lows before freezing Sunday night with rain and, possibly, some snow in higher Southwestern regions late Saturday and into Sunday.  Then warmer and sunny for the final two days of October on Monday and Tuesday.

Gusty winds at 15-16 miler per hour will make Sunday feel even colder and the area could see its first snow of the season.

November is forecast to begin with at least seven days of rain in the first 10, but with temperatures in the 60s during the day and lows in the 40s.

Bring a jacket for the football game Friday night.  It’s Senior Night and the roster shows 10 players appearing on the home field for their last regular season game in what has been a hot season.


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