Jerry Boothe, candidate for Supervisor

Jerry Boothe is seeking to return to the Court House District seat he retired from several years ago.

In contested Floyd County elections, we try to interview each of the candidates and let them describe, in a video setting, why they are running for a position and what they would do with the job.

In this year’s local elections, set for vote on Tuesday, Nov. 7, the only contested race is for the Courthouse District, where former supervisor Jerry Boothe, who retired from the seat in 2009, is seeking to return and oust Case Clinger, who is also the current board chairman.

Clinger declined our invitation for an interview on camera, saying he saw nothing to gain by sitting down for one. Boothe accepted and his interview was shot Monday of this week at the Floyd Country Store. His answers are presented without editing as a public service to the residents of Floyd County.

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