Election Day: Cutting through the fog of politics

Fog this morning.  Lots of fog.

Appropriate, it seems, since this is Election Day.

Floyd Countians have choices for a change, if wanted, for their Supervisor in the Courthouse District between current office holder Casey Clinger or Jerry Boothe, who held the seat for many years until giving it up in 2009.

Either way, the county board will see a new Supervisor next year with Justin Coleman winning the GOP primary earlier this year to succeed longtime Indian Valley Supervisor Fred Gerald.  He runs unopposed in the general election.

County wide, residents can say “yea” or “nay” to a referendum to add a meals tax on meals purchases at county restaurants outside the Town of Floyd (which already has such a tax).  Funds from the tax, we are told, will go to the county’s school system and law enforcement/first responder needs.

in Virginia delegate races we can vote for status quo with current GOP occupant Nick Rush or Flo Kettner.  Both cite economy as a big problem in the area but have different ideas on how to handle it.

In the governor’s race, the dirt flew wide in the race with Republican Ed Gillespie claiming Democrat Ralph Northam supported “sanctuary cities” that allowed gangs like MS-13 to roam free and prey on residents.  That was a stretch since Virginia does not have sanctuary cities.  Northam’s ads focused on Gillespie’s lobbying efforts for outfits like failed energy giant Enron, which left many investors, including seniors, broke.

The Virginia attorney general’s race between incumbent Mark Herring and challenger John D. Adams was nasty too.

National political watchers consider Virginia’s state races this year a bellwether on the Presidency of Donald Trump.  Trump lost in Virginia in the 2016 Presidential election and has been back campaigning for Gillespie.

To borrow an line from satirical songwriter Tom Lehrer, voters in Virginia this time around may feel like “a Christian Scientist with appendicitis.”

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