Kinda cold out there

Stark cold weather rain.
Stark cold weather.

Never thought a morning low of 30 degrees or so could be considered a heat wave but after the temperature drops that put the thermometer into the low 20s and teens, this morning feels almost warm.

The computer claims the thermometer outside reads 32 degrees at 0730 this morning, right at freezing.  It was a couple of degrees colder two hours but even that is downright balmy after Friday night

If the weather forecasts are right, we should see a high around 48 degrees Sunday with a low of 38 overnight, 50 on Monday with the low dropping back down close to freezing, then highs for the rest of the week close to 50 for Wednesday and Thursday and then back to the 40s for the rest of the month.

After the warm days of October, November is acting more like a late fall month for the Blue Ridge Mountains.

A cold rain also showed up Sunday night to add to the a wet Monday morning.

Looking long range, the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg sees little chance of rain until next Saturday and then 50 percent chance of rain and/or snow showers on November 28 at the tail end of the Thanksgiving weekend.


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