Sordid revelations about older men and young girls

The incredible revelations that former controversial Alabama judge Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for Senate in that state, liked to dally with teenagers while as a prosecutor in his 30s back in the swinging 1970s.

Even more incredible is the insane support of him by evangelicals and so-called “religious leaders.”

Some have favorably compared Moore’s sexual pursuit of kids with the age difference between Mary and Joseph in the Biblical stories of the birth of Christ.  Others talk about the age difference of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.  Their affair began when she was 19 and appeared with the 44-year-old Bogart in To Have and Have Not in 1943.

Some note that the Bogart-Bacall affair began as adultery before he divorced actress Mayo Methot and married in 1945.  Of course, many of the same religious zealots overlook the many affairs of current President Donald Trump, who is thrice-married and brags about his exploits with other women.

Such actions of our leaders are not new.

Former President Bill Clinton liked oral attention from then-19 year old Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.

Mimi Alford was a Wheaton College student when she became an intern in the White House Communications office in 1962 and met President John F. Kennedy.  He invited her for a swim in the White House pool and she says she lost her virginity to him in the First Lady’s bedroom at age 19.

“I wouldn’t describe what happened that night as making love,” she later wrote, “but I wouldn’t call it non consensual.”

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt died, he was with his mistress, Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd, and not his wife.  Their affair began long before that night.

Current president Donald Trump openly brags about his adulterous affairs before he became president and a woman called “Katie Johnson” named him and fellow billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in a $100 million lawsuit that said he was one two men who raped her two decades earlier when she was a 13-year-old aspiring model.  The case, dropped and refiled, ended in November 2016, right after Trump’s election, with what sources say was a large, lump-sum payment to her and her attorney.

During during his presidential campaign, an audio tape surfaced that had Trump bragging about “grabbing their pussies” of young women.  He practically leered when he publicly talked about seeing naked teenagers when he would walk in, unannounced, into the Miss USA pageant and another beauty pageant for teenagers, some under the “age of consent.

“He just came strolling right in,” remembers Tasha Dixon, a contestant who was 18.  “There was no second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing or anything.  Some girls were topless.  Other girls were naked.”

So perhaps it is now normal for a Senate candidate like Roy Moore to have a history of sexual pursuit of teenage girls, often ones in high school, and still be considered by some an acceptable candidate for the United States Senate.  In Alabama, he could still win easily.

Let’s hope not but the 23 years that Amy and I spent in the National Capital Region showed us that, in Washington, anything can — and often will — happen.

And still does.

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