Who now control’s Virginia’s House?

Virginia's State Capitol in Richmond.
Virginia’s State Capitol in Richmond.

Two weeks after the November 7 election that brought the “iron-clad” control of Republican control of the Virginia House of Delegates to a race where one final tally could determine control of the chamber, the state board of elections has put a hold on certifying the final count.

Seems Fredricksburg registrar Juana Pitchford “erroneously assigned” 83 voters from House District 28 to the 88th.

Did that switch affect the results of District 28 where Republican Robert Thomas leads Joshua Cole by 82 voters?  Good question.

So the Virginia Board of Elections certified only 98 other House seats and the statewide results but put the 28th District on hold.

“Let’s just take a time out,” says board chairman james Alcorn.  “Our goal is to make sure voters trust the election results.”

That, of course, didn’t sit well with Republican Party of Virginia executive director John Findlay.

“Welcome to Venezuela,” he declared.  “This is how elections happen in Venezuela, Soviet Russia and now the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We don’t like the winners, we’re gonna have the new election.”

Republicans went into the Nov. 7 election with a 66-34 control of of the Virginia House.  Current tallies put the count now at 51 Republicans to 49 Democrats.

House District 28 is one of three districts facing recounts and a change in just one of those final counts puts the House at a 50-50 split and two switches control to the Dems.

In elections, the battles never end.

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