A few ways to find thanks amid the chaos

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, that time of year when we should pause and be thankful for what we have.

So let’s see what we are thankful for on Thanksgiving Day 2017.

Wife Amy and I agree that we are thankful to no longer live in the Washington, DC, area — our home for 23 years (1981-2004).  We, thankfully, now have a buffer between our home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the madman who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Sometimes, the distance does not feel far enough. so we sometimes think about living in New Zealand.

We’re also thankful we don’t live in Alabama, where U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore preys on young women and was such a danger to teenagers that we learned Wednesday police in that state received warnings about his fondness of those barely past the age of puberty.

Former Gladsdsen, Alabama, police officer Faye Gay recalls:

The rumor mill was that he liked young girls, and … we were advised that he was being suspended from the mall because he would hang around the young girls that worked in the stores and … really got into a place of where they say he was harassing. We were also told to watch him at the ball games, and make sure that … he didn’t hang around the cheerleaders.

Young women, most of them teenagers, say the now 70-year-old Moore harassed them, kept asking them out, felt them up and even tried sex with at least one — a 15-year-old — when he was an assistant district attorney in his early 30s.

“I didn’t realize it until some time later that when they said he liked young girls — I just thought he liked young ladies, you know, younger than him, maybe in their 20s. I had no idea, or we had no idea that we were talking about 14-year-olds,” Gay remembers.

Which suggests Moore is at least a child predator who preyed on teenagers and children.

And, no doubt, makes him the kind of candidate Washington wants but doesn’t need.  They already have a sexual predator named Trump and a grabby molester in Al Franken and God-knows how many others in the halls of Congress.

We’re thankful Moore’s in Alabama.  If he makes it to Washington, it’s just another town that’s now in our rear view mirror.

Amy and I are thankful to singers and educators like Kari Kovich, whose new CD teaches boys and girls that their bodies are their own and should not be ruled or controlled by governments or political extremists.

We are pro-choice and damn proud of it.

We’re thankful for the military brass that ignored Trump’s ban on transgender troops and the federal court that said his ban on funding for gender change operations violates federal law.

Speaking of federal courts, we’re also thankful for the judge who blocked Trump’s attempted ban on federal money to American cities that serve as sanctuaries to protect immigrants who seek a better life in America but live in fear of a bigoted President who tries to throw them out.

Kudos to the federal court decisions that blocked the immigration ban that exemplified Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry.

It’s hard find thanks with a government controlled by racists, bigots, haters and homophobes who twist religion to fit their twisted views of a nation proclaimed the home of the brave and land of the free.

We’re hopeful, though, and thankful that we live in the Commonwealth of Virginia, where voters turned thumbs down on Trump and sent Ed Gillespie and his “mini-Trump-me” act slithering towards the exits.

The party of the drunken elephant got its butt kicked by a braying jackass.

Yet, we do live in Southwestern Virginia, where Republicans could elect Osama bin Laden as their representatives, ignoring that fact he is a terrorist but are willing to support anyone simply because they do not believe in abortion. Thankfully, they now are a minority in the Old Dominion, where tolerance supplants hate and reason replaces anger.

OK, that assumption is somewhat facetious.

Or is it?  With what has happened in recent elections, anything — and we say again “anything” — is possible.

It’s also possible to have a little fun finding a few things to be grateful among all the madness and chaos nowadays.

I am thankful to Amy for her love and support during our 38+ years together as a couple.  She weathered a lot during my drinking days and she put together the intervention that pulled me away from 35 years of alcoholic consumption and the 23 years, five months and 14 days of sobriety that followed.

Without her, I would not be alive today.  Without her, I would be enjoying life with the woman of my dreams.

Happy Thanksgiving from the two of us to all of you. Now the real terror arrives. Be careful on Black Friday.  That’s the real jungle — and it does not take prisoners. 🙂


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