Snow on Friday? Maybe…or maybe not

Yes, we could see this moving into the area late Friday night and into Saturday.
Yes, we could see this moving into the area Friday. Or maybe we won’t.

Roanoke Times weather guru Kevin Myatt predicts a chance of some measurable snowfall in the area Friday with the normal caveat of “unless things change.”

Writes Myatt:

Friday has a legitimate shot at providing our region’s first measurable snowfall of the season. Some fast-moving, strung-out upper-level energy moving across the South may be enough to spin up a fairly weak surface low near the Southeast U.S. coast line that could spread just enough moisture inland over newly established cold air for snow to develop over the Carolinas and Virginia. There will also be a trailing Alberta clipper system moving in from the northwest that could contribute to the cause and/or bring a second shot of light snow over the weekend. 
There is much left to be resolved on this storm system, so it’s just about pointless to even guess on accumulation potential just yet, though toward the light end looks far more likely than anything really heavy at this point. But, as the week develops, keep in mind that Friday has some chance to turn a little white, and the breezy cold will continue into the coming weekend with some chance of additional snow showers.

Which means we might get some snow and if we do it could be anything from a dusting to several inches and a “trailing Alberta clipper system moving in from the northwest” could bring a bit more over the weekend.

One thing we do know is that the mild weather of the last few weeks disappears Tuesday night and will be gone for the time being. Expect low temperatures in the teens with highs in the mid 30s by Friday.

Or we could be digging out of a lot.  Who knows?  No one really.  Myatt has a better record of predicting what may or may not happen but — in the end — it is still a guessing game.

We will only have ice for you by the weekend.

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