Four basketball games highlight Friday night

ShaeLee Slaughter drives during the Middle School match against Patrick County.

Four basketball games brought cheering fans to Floyd County High School Friday night.

The evening kicked off at 4:30 p.m. with Middle School Buffaloes trouncing Patrick County’s Cougars 60-30.

Next, the Middle School girls took care of the Lady Cougars with ease.

The JV game was a little tougher but the Lady Buffs won.

The Varsity came back from an eight point deficit to tie the game at 24 all by halftime.

What happened then?  Wish I knew.  Had to leave at halftime and can’t find the final score anywhere.  Hope someone knows.

More photos in the next edition of The Floyd Press.

Brookelyn Hall fights for the ball in JV match.
Dylan Bond of the Buffaloes drives for the basket in the Middle School game.
Alexis Kiser goes for the score as Patrick County coach voices dismay.
Sign of the times: Some watch the game, others text.
Cheerleaders add to the action.

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