The weather outside is not delightful

Yes, it is cold outside and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Wife Amy woke up this morning with a question: “When did winter arrive?”

Good question with the thermometer on our back porch reading 22 degrees at noon with a wind chill of about nine.

Some folks in Floyd County said they were dreaming of a white Christmas.  We didn’t hear a single one say anything about a freezing one.

Today’s temperatures in our part of the Blue Ridge world on this Christmas Day might reach 26 degrees but the surging winds would give us a wind chill of about 15.

The National Weather Service office in Blacksburg predicts a low of around 18 or so tonight and then a high of 36 on Tuesday.  Highs will stay around the freezing mark of below through at least Friday and probably much of next week.

One piece of good news:  Forecasts of “snow showers” disappeared but it will stay cold, cold and colder into the New Year and to Jan. 7.

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