Golden Years? And the horse you rode in on…

Yes, this is a day when I feel like I’m 70 years old (perhaps even older).  Swelling, numbness alternating with pain along with skin colors that don’t look healthy in both my legs Tuesday landed me at Dr. Baum’s office at the Floyd Carilion Clinic.

After examining both my legs, he worried that there could be a blood clot somewhere so he asked Carilion vascular clinic at their New River Valley Hospital to run several ultrasound scans on both legs, which took up a good hunk of Wednesday morning, including the time i usually use for writing Blue Ridge Muse each day,

Good news?  Tests showed no clots or blood circulation problems in either leg.  Bad news? They still don’t know what’s causing the swelling, numbness that alternatives with pain and periods of instability when I’m on my feet.

More bad news: I didn’t get a word written for Muse during the daylight hours Wednesday and I’m facing more tests from neurologists at Carilion at Roanoke Memorial.

I also didn’t get a chance to test out the new lens Amy gave me for Christmas to use on my Canon video cinema camera.  There’s always Thursday.

Hopefully, something more interesting on Thursday, when I’m in a better mood.

The writer who claimed older years of our lives were the golden years was a sick SOB.


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