Yes, it’s cold and it will get colder

Assuming the National Weather forecast is correct — always a big assumption — the thermometer that sits at 26 on the back porch just off Sandy Flats Road north of Floyd this morning may make it just above freezing this afternoon and that will be the high temperature for the rest of 2017.

Yes, it is cold outside.

Expect a low Saturday night of 10 degrees, followed by a high of just 22 on Sunday and a low of six or so, then high on the first day of 2018 on Monday with the lows teasing zero overnight with a high Tuesday of 26 — followed by a low of 10 — and then maybe climbing just above freezing on Wednesday with a low of 11.

Then forecasts say below freezing day and night for the next three days thought Friday, Jan. 5, and in the 30s for highs and lows mostly in the teens through Jan. 10 with a possibility of “snow showers” on Jan. 9.

Yes, it’s cold outside this morning.  Damn cold and it will remain that way for the last two days of this year and at least the first 10 days of the following one.

Make sure your water pipes don’t freeze, your vehicle antifreeze is topped off as well as your propane and fuel oil tanks.

Mother Nature is in a bitchy mood and she’s not going to let us thaw out anytime soon.

Freezing rain and cold birds in a previous winter storm.


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