Cold enough for you?

Thermometer on our back porch read -1 degree at 5:30 this morning with a wind chill of -15.  By 7:00, it said 2 degrees with the wind chill warming all the way up to -15.

If the forecast by the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg is correct, the wind chill will not rise above zero until at least 11am.

That’s cold.  Damn cold.  I would say cold as hell but that particular location is supposed to be hot so such a claim seems a contradiction in terms.

By 4pm today, the actual temperature should hit 24 degrees or so but dwindling winds should stop having disastrous effects on the wind chill.

Wednesday should be a little warmer with a high right at freezing (32 degrees) but the low will sink down to 10 with a return of windy weather Thursday sending the high back to 18 with a low of five degrees and cold winds sending the wind chill back to well below zero.

Will this ever end?  Not before next week. After a projected high of 17 Friday and a low of zero, Saturday is forecast to be 20 during the way and nine degrees overnight before warming up — if it can be called that — to 34 on Sunday and 43 on Monday, along with a forecast of rain and freezing rain.

Lows are expected to remain below freezing most of next week and the foreseeable future.

Our frigid weather mirrors the extreme cold that is gripping most of the nation.

The weather outside is truly frightful.


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