Mother Nature is having a bad hair day — again

The weather keeps getting worse.

The National Weather Service Office in Blacksburg extended the high wind and wind chill warnings until at least noon Friday and the gusts expected Thursday should keep the “real feel” of temperatures at zero or below through the day and even colder overnight.

Floyd County Schools, scheduled to reopen Thursday after the holiday break, stayed closed Thursday and Friday may be iffy.

Frozen water pipe reports have kept area plumbers answering calls.

And “occasional snow showers” are forecast for Thursday morning.

NWS predicts a low of 6 degrees overnight Thursday with the wind chill as low as minus 15 or lower.

Friday’s high should top out around 17 degrees in and around Floyd with an overnight low of 2 and wind chills well blow zero.

Saturday is expected to stay at 17 for the high with a low of 4 but 12 miles per hour winds will drive the wind chill down again to well below zero.

Expect temperatures to remain below freezing Sunday with a high of 29 and overnight low of 20, then a chance of a slightly-warmer high of 37 with a forecast of “ice to rain” and an overnight low of 28.

Then highs in the 40s for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and a forecast of 51 degrees on Friday with  50 percent chance of rain, followed by highs back to 40 on Saturday, 36 on Sunday and 39 on Monday.

It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature.

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