FCHS Buffaloes basketball rankings

Cayden heads for a score.

Cayden Sutphin of the Floyd County Buffaloes varsity basketball team led total scoring percentages for his teammates to rank in the Timesland Boys Basketball roundup for so far this season, The Roanoke Times reports.

He scored 100 of 118 free throws for an 84.8 percentage, ranking him fifth among area high schools and added and made

Sutphin scored 289 points in 16 games for a percentage of 18.1 per game.  He also ranked in assists (51 and a 3.2 average).

Junior Forward Kameron Harris collected 96 rebounds for an average of 6, plus 46 field goals with a 48.3 percent completion rate and Sutphin finished with 80 scores out of 175 attempts and a 45.7 percent of completions.

Harris also made 46 of his 59 free throw attempts for a 78 percent rate.

In three-point goals, freshman guard Mitchell Thompson scored 18 out of 45 attempts for a 40 percent average while Sutphin scored 2 out of 74 tries for 39.2 percent of his throws.

Kameron Harris





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