Some sun and a little warmer for a couple of days

Seems reasonably quiet this morning, compared to the snow and high wind warnings of Tuesday.

The skiff of snow all but disappeared in most parts of Floyd County Tuesday, even with the below freezing weather and wind chills from gusts that lashed the area until late afternoon.

The temperature on our back porch reads 20 degrees at 7:45 a.m. and is forecast to rise above freezing by 10 a.m. with a projected high of 42 or so by mid afternoon.

Thursday promises a high of 51 or so in the Floyd County area before dropping again overnight to a low of 23 or so and then below freezing for Friday with wind gusts of 20 miles per hour and more and then in the mid 30s with little wind on Saturday.

However, another forecast of snow for Sunday and Monday, followed by a return to mid 40s for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mother Nature is a finicky taskmaster and the forecasts from the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg can — and often do — change.

Still, no outlook — at least for now — of the sub-freezing temperatures and bone-chilling winds that we saw in January 2018.

Keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for a warm March as Spring keeps getting closer.

Stay warm and be safe out there.


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