No schools again Monday but weather should warm up a little

Stark cold weather rain.

Floyd County Schools closed Monday after the quasi-ice and freezing rainfall that left roads slick Sunday.  Montgomery County schools did the same while others around the area delayed openings for a couple of hours Monday morning.

With temperatures in the low 20s, chilled even more by a wind that made it feel like 10 or so degrees, the change for slick back roads in the county brought the decision to close schools for yet another day with little delay Sunday.

The temperatures are expected to reach 32 no earlier than 2 p.m. Monday but wind chills threaten to keep them well before the freezing mark until later in the afternoon before darkness brings more freezing cold.

Highs return to the 40s Tuesday and should remain that way for most of the week with overnight lows returning to freezing, along with a chance of rain on Wednesday but no threat — yet — of returning snow or ice.

Longer-range forecasts suggest a high in the 50s on Sunday with rain with daytime highs in the mid-to-upper 40s and flirting with 50 through mid February.

That, however, could change — as it often does.


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