Rain? OK. Freezing Rain? Hold On. Let’s Talk

Projected radar for 3:20 p.m. Friday (Courtesy of the National Weather Service).
Rain is OK.  Freezing rain?  No.

This winter season’s rollercoaster ride continues over the next 72 hours with temperatures already approaching 60 degrees this morning and perhaps even 70 by day’s end with a low of 58 overnight, then 60s Friday with rain before plummeting to freezing Friday night followed by freezing rain and worse Saturday.

Then back to the early 50s on Sunday and 60s next week.

Hold on until we check the calendar:  Yes, this is still February.

Some rain today (Thursday), more on Friday and a 90 percent chance of rain, freezing and rain and ice Saturday.  That’s what the National Weather Service Office in Blacksburg has for the Floyd County and surrounding Southwestern Virginia areas.

Little wonder that folks like us who suffer from chronic bronchitis are having fits.

Still, given the sub-freezing conditions of January, most of us can live with what Mother Nature is dishing out for the projects rest of February and heading into March.

Keep your umbrella handy for Thursday and Friday and watch out for Saturday.

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