Warm weather for the rest of February but cooler start for March

Sunset over the Blue Ridge
Sunset over the Blue Ridge

When the temperature is already 62 on the back porch at 0630 on a Thursday morning and precipitation chances sit at zero for the morning for now and is not expected to rise to more than 15 percent, the chances of decent weather abound.

Yes, it is cloudy.  We had more sun with 60 temps i the upper 60s on Wednesday but a warm week continues and should extend into the weekend.

Down in Roanoke, the thermometer should to climb into the middle 70s and just up north in Washington, the outlook predicts 80 or so — a first for this time of year for as long as records of temperatures have been kept in the nation’s capitol.

Temperatures should stay in the 60s with a dip towards the high 50s by the end of February, along with some rain, and then down into the 40s as March kicks off.  No freezing lows expected for the rest of February, but that, too, arrives with the start of March.

Still, nowhere near the biting cold of January.

Normally, on days like the one predicted Thursday, I would be firing up the Harley and heading out but lingering effects of chronic bronchitis suggest a little temperance is in order and, as unusual as it sounds, I will practice it.

Spring, however, is coming.  Time to sharpen up the mower blades, buy new edging string and some weed killer.

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