‘Sundown, you better take care…’

Sunset off Harvestwood SE in Floyd County

Three days of sunshine, incredibly warm temperatures and open roads for motorcycles.

Best guess is that the rain forecast for two of the last three days finally arrives Sunday.

That’s OK.  Using my wife’s Can-Am for three days provided pleasant road trips to run errands and just cruise the roads.

The thermometer on Thursday showed 84 degrees in Cave Spring as we cruised U.S. 221 with the sun coming down and a warm breeze as the three-wheeler zipped around the curves up Bent Mountain after running errands in the Star City.

Friday turned out better than forecast and Sunday followed with the expected rain passing north of our areas of travel.

The Can-Am is a good ride for short hopes or extended travels around our area.  With extensive traction controls, anti-lock braking and other suspension tweaks, a rider can cruise the straight stretches with ease and wide through the twists and turns of our roads with control and confidence.

The warm temperatures expected to continue through Sunday and into early next week but rain Sunday could dampen some enthusiasm and dips into the low 50s will make the 60 degree days feel like a pleasant but fading thing as March comes in cooler with overnight lows around freezing.

The National Weather Service radar map for 0930 Sunday.

We also might get some snow starting around March 6 and through the 10th with highs in the 50s and lows right at the freezing mark.

It was nice while it lasted.

A winding road, a good motorcycle and a great day.

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