Baby, the wind must blow…a little longer

The National Weather Service office in Blacksburg cancelled the high wind warning late Friday night, replacing it with an “advisory” that remains in effect until 11 a.m. Saturday as the area picks up from 36 hours of powerful gusts that knocked it out power to thousands of homeowners and businesses.

In addition to downed power lines, residents faced road-blocking fallen trees, damage to property, including shingles ripped from roofs, twisted gutters and window-smashing debris.

The high winds came from a nor’easter that slammed primarily into the Northeast but also affected coastal areas in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.  At least six people died from injuries in the storm, including an 11-year old boy in New York and a six-year-old in Chester and a 44-year-old man in James County in Virginia.

While the cancelled high wind warnings give some relief, the wind advisory forecasts 15 to 25 miles per hour wind with gusts up to 50 until 11 a.m.

Still, better weather approaches.  Writes weather guru Kevin Myatt of The Roanoke Times:

Other than a bit of breeziness, this weekend will not be bad at all. It will be a bit cool compared to recent weeks, but not compared to seasonal norms. With morning starting in the mid 20s to lower 30s, and afternoons rising into the upper 40s to mid 50s, we’ll be really close to what is considered normal for early March.

Still, he adds, we may not be out of the woods:

In the coming week, we may have a storm system develop that reminds us a lot of what just happened, though at this point, it looks somewhat weaker and not as windy for us. A low-pressure system will track across the Great Lakes region and then transfer energy to a coastal low off Delmarva or so. We’ll see some milder, but not really warm, and moist air pull ahead of the low for some rain by Tuesday, and then a cold front sweep through as the low pulls away to the northeast. Breezy snow showers could be in the air by late Tuesday into Wednesday.

March, as we know all too well, always has a surprise or two for us.

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