Corey Stewart: Republican “mini-Trump” candidate for Virginia Senate.

Republicans in Virginia can’t decided on which racist, bigot and liar they want to support to run against popular Sen. Tim Kaine.

Will it be Corey Stewart, the self-proclaimed “mini-Trump” or former Trump foreign policy adviser and retired major-general Bert Mizusawa or evangelical pastor E.W. Jackson, who admits “winning with Trump” is more important than allegiance to God.

Stewart, who almost knocked off Ed Gillespie in last year’s lame GOP attempt to beat Lt. Gov. Ed Northam for the governor’s job last year, is an avowed racist.  So is Trump, his hero.

Interesting pattern for Virginia Republicans:  Align themselves with self-style “winner” Donald Trump and lose an election.  A new poll from the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University finds Trump’s approval rating at 37 percent among voters with 52 percent saying they “strongly disapprove” of his performance as president.

I know Republicans who are not racists or bigots and I wonder why they continue to align themselves with a party run by those who despise those of other skin colors or hate still more because of their beliefs.  I worked for the Republican Party long enough to know the strong racist undertones of the party leadership that backs a corrupt racist like Donald Trump.

State races in 2017 showcased the decline of Republicans and the party’s blind adherence to their reality-show host president in Washington.  While those who live in the past in rural areas of the old dominion cling to their cult-like swoon over Trump, the more educated and more aware voters in Northern Virginia and Tidewater control the state through their votes and continue Virginia’s march toward a more progressive agenda.

Trump lost Virginia in the 2016 presidential election debacle, proving the Old Dominion is a bastion of hope amid the gang mentality that seized the nation in that fateful year.  Polls show Trump would lose easily if the election were held today but voters who want change will have to depend — for the time being — on a course-changing outcome in mid-term Congressional elections in November.

More statehouses may change as well in upcoming elections.  Virginia came up one-vote short in wiping out the GOP majority in the general assembly.  Democrats could complete the task the next time around.  They control the governorship and the attorney general’s office and both of the U.S. Senate seats.

Even in Floyd County, a worm-hole of GOP dominance, two independents now sit on the Board of Supervisors.

Former television anchor Chris Hurst sent incumbent Republican Joseph Yost packing in nearby House of Delegates District 12.  Elsewhere in Virginia, transgender Danica Roem beat homophobic Bob Marshall in another district.

This, of course, sends Virginia’s “evangelicals” into convulsions and transces while crying “sinner” to the heavens.  As one who has been long skeptical of those who call themselves evangelicals, I have yet to find one who can clearly explain how they now support a thrice-married president who brags about his multiple affairs, faces many charges of sexual harassment and brags about “grabbing their pussies” when he wants to have casual sex with young women.

Guess the bible belt is unhooked and too many flies are unzipped in GOP back rooms and car back seats.

Yet there seems to be hope and the times, they are a-changin’ here in the Old Dominion.

Damn right it is…and not a minute too soon.

A fading vision of the “Old South?” Let’s hope.
Next GOP rally in Virginia? This might not be a joke.


  1. I considered responding to your opinion piece classifying all three Republican candidates as “racist”, but after reading it a second time I assumed you were just trolling. From the e-mail it sounds like it must have worked. EW Jackson is an African-American pastor who has made numerous derogatory remarks about other religions (especially Islam), but classifying him as “racist” is absurd. You have made the same accusation in the past against Ben Carson which is equally absurd in my opinion. Can a person no longer have a “wrong” opinion on a matter involving race and simply be wrong, or is it always a matter of racism 100% of the time? Bert Mizusawa has an amazing resume (first in his class at West Point, numerous military awards from a distinguished career, etc) and I couldn’t find any evidence in his career of racist statements or positions. Throwing around slurs like “racist” in a reckless manner is the norm these days I guess, but it sure does diminish the impact of the accusation when made against actual racists.

    • I stand by what I wrote. Jackson is a bigot. His rants against Muslims show religious bigotry. A close examination of Mizusawa’s shows incidents involving questionable treatment of African-American soldiers. I don’t “troll” and I don’t stereotype. I look at records and my research involves a lot more than scanning the Internet. I know what it takes to get the nod from GOP leadership. They favor those who practice racism, bigotry and hate.

  2. I am not having any luck finding specific statements made by Jackson regarding white folks and Hispanics. He has said some far out stuff for sure, but it important to point out that Islam is a religion with over 1.2 billion followers of every race imaginable. Criticizing the ideas contained in Islam is not all that different than criticizing evangelical Christian’s beliefs. Jackson really seems to believe that all other religions (including no religion) are false and leading their adherents to an eternity in Hell. That has led to some interesting quotes.

    I didn’t find any articles on Bert Mizusawa’s alleged mistreatment of African-American soldiers. Maybe you can help me out with a link to a story of this alleged mistreatment of African-American soldiers, and those with Jackson’s racist comments on Hispanics and white people.I just figured the media would be covering these candidates and any controversies pretty heavily.

    • I’m sorry but as stated before, I do not depend on the Internet for serious research. I turn to Lexis/Nexis and other professional research data sources that provide full transcripts of interviews, full copies of press releases and access that one cannot find on the ‘Net. The ‘Net is a crude research tool because it is too often based on misinformation. I also have extensive contacts within the GOP because of the time I spent working for them as an operative. I’ve talked extensively with those who have had contact with the candidates. When the candidates are picked, I will publish detailed backgrounds on each and sources will be provided for everything that I find.

  3. I am too skeptical to believe there are confirmed quotes and stories on Jackson and Mizusawa’ out there with explosive examples of racism that are kept from public view. Such examples would be political gold for Democrats and left-leaning websites who I am sure have access to Lexus/Nexus. Nothing personal Doug, but as Carl Sagan used to say, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” The claim that all three Republican candidates for the Senate are racist is an extraordinary claim in my opinion.

    • As you wish. First get your facts straight. I talked about racists, bigots and haters — all three. I said the minister was a bigot. He is a religious bigot who declares anyone who is not a fundamentalist Christian a sinner. That is religious bigotry and he aims most of that bigotry against Muslims. He also says “winning with Trump” is most important. When you align yourself with a racist and bigot like Trump, you become like the old saying that “when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” The general has complaints on file on alleged mistreatment of African-American soldiers. That, alone, makes his qualifications questionable. I stand by what I wrote.

  4. I did get my facts straight Doug. You changed the headline of the opinion piece I referenced (originally calling all three racists) after the fact as well as parts of the piece, and some of your comments here. I am not sure if bloggers consider doing this without noting the changes ethical or not, but it strikes me as intellectually dishonest (especially to then comment that I need to get my ‘facts straight”). I now see why no one comments on this blog anymore.

    For the record I am not defending any of Jackson’s comments; (he has said many things that are indefensible) but they aren’t racist which was your original premise. Mizusawa’s personnel file isn’t readily available (even with a FOI request) other than limited information according to law. The fact that no reporter or website (including those you are affiliated with) has broken the story about your vague allegations leads me to believe there is nothing to them.

    • No, you did not get your facts straight. Doing so does not appear to be your motive here. Yes, I updated the headline because it did not fully fit the text of what I wrote (the text of the article was not changed). If an article is changed, a note is usually attached. Not so when a word might be added to a headline. The focus of the piece was always RACISM, BIGOTRY AND HATE. I pointed out his attitude towards Muslims in my original response to you comments that have now become nothing but a tiresome tirade.

      The opening of the column read:

      “Republicans in Virginia can’t decided on which racist, bigot and liar they want to support to run against popular Sen. Tim Kaine.

      “Will it be Corey Stewart, the self-proclaimed “mini-Trump” or former Trump foreign policy adviser and retired major-general Bert Mizusawa or evangelical pastor E.W. Jackson, who admits “winning with Trump” is more important than allegiance to God.”

      I’ve read transcripts of interviews with Mizusawa that raise doubts about his honesty and that was the original focus of my article where he was concerned. Those interviews showed blind loyalty to Trump, which raises legitimate questions about his attitudes about race and honesty. I also read several articles in military-focused newsletters and magazines (print, not online) that raised questions about his treatment of African Americans and they included information on the complaints.

      His candidacy itself raises questions questions about why he would want to affiliate with a party that appeals to extremists and supports a questionable president like Trump. If he becomes the candidate, I will continue to investigated. If he doesn’t, he isn’t worth any further attention.

      I tried to answer your questions but it appears your only desire is to question my integrity, based on what you read on the Internet. I doubt any reporter has yet taken a close look at the general because he is not enough of a factor in the primary. Their focus is Corey Stewart.

      If you have a burr up your butt about me or what I do, I suggest we sit down over a cup of coffee and deal with it.

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