Sheriff Brian Craig (center) led a team of Floyd County law enforcement to serve as waiters at Blue Ridge Cafe on Saturday.
Deputy hard at work waiting on diners.

Just before the snow kicked in Saturday, Floyd County Deputy Sheriff Brian Craig and several of his deputies and other helpers served food and took care of the overflow crowd at Blue Ridge Cafe fundraiser for Dennis Alderman after a tree leveled his home during the massive wind storms earlier this month.

Breakfast diners waited patiently in the cold outside for a seat that provided a clear example of how Floyd Countians can rally around a resident in trouble.  Cafe Whittney Petersen, her regular customers, Craig and his deputies, Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Branscom and others helped Alderman settle into a new home two weeks ago and the fundraising breakfast helped cover expenses for Alderman, who often occupies a corner table at the Blue Ridge.

Petersen praised the deputies and Crain and said he has a fulltime job at the restaurant but he said he will keep his day job for now.

“There’s always the evening hours,” she said.

Floyd County residents used to collapse around any resident with a problem and do whatever was needed to get them back on their feet but that kind of community support seems faded and out of fashion in many areas now.

Petersen, Craig and other proved Saturday that a community can come together and help each other in times of need in Floyd County.

Cafe owner Whittney Petersen (right)