The snows of Spring keep falling

As snows go, not much of one.

Sun and temperatures expected to climb above freezing by noon Sunday should make short work of the smattering of snow that covered grass and cars but left most roadways wet but not white Saturday night.

The National Weather Service, however, is talking double-whammy though with forecast of snow showers Monday.

Yes, we know, this is April and all should be falling from the skies are showers, not snow or freezing rain but this is the Spring from hell after the rollercoaster winter that froze us in January, tempted us with better weather in February and then hit us with three snowstorms in March.

The NWS office in Blacksburg predicts snow showers in the morning (60%), then clearing in the afternoon with a high 0f 48. Tuesday’s forecast calls for partly cloudy and a high of 56, then up to 59 with clouds on Wednesday, 70 and sun Thursday, then 74 and sunny on Friday.

Does this mean Spring — a real Spring – is finally here?

We can hope.

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