Hang in there. Sun, better weather coming

A sunny day in Floyd County.
Clouds, some sun in this photo shot a few years ago on Harvestwood Road in Floyd County.

Will today’s “occasional” snowfall be the last of the winter weather that continues to delay the Spring that, supposedly, began last month?

Most weather prognosticators say they “think so” but they have been wrong so many times in forecasting the outlook during the winter of 2017-18 that they are not willing to say so definitively.

“The latter part of this week looks to be the spring weather many of you have been waiting for, with sunny, dry days and highs reaching the 70s Thursday through Saturday,” writes Roanoke Times weather guru Kevin Myatt. “I think Monday is probably the last snow event we’ll deal with until sometime late in the year. But of course, you can never say never, I suppose.”

Saturday night’s snow disappeared Sunday under warm temperatures and sunny conditions and with temperatures Monday staring out at 32-34 degrees before warming up into the 40s by early afternoon, the snow will become rain with any white stuff gone by sundown.

The National Weather Service Office in Blacksburg predicts partly cloudy weather with a high of 52 Tuesday before dipping just below freezing overnight into Wednesday, which should be sunny with a high of 58 and a period of lows in the 40s and 50s.

Thursday could hit 70 with partly cloudy conditions and then sunny with a high of 74 on Friday and 70 on Saturday with some clouds and a projection of thunderstorms on Sunday but with highs still in the 60s.

Next Monday could be a little colder with a high of 48 and a low of 29 but Springlike weather is expected to be back with us for the remainder of the week with rain again by Saturday of next week.

Has Spring arrived?  Let’s hope so.

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