So much to cover, so little time

Baseball action for the FCGS Buffs.
Tennis action for the Floyd County High School boys, who are off to a strong start.

As a contractor who covers both the Floyd County Board of Supervisors and the Circuit Court as a reporter, and a photographer who tries to cover the increasingly busy high school sports schedule, I find a lot of conflicts.

On Tuesday, I have a major court hearing that conflicts with the supervisors meeting, so Floyd Press editor Wanda Combs agreed to send sports editor Roger Mannon to the supervisors while I cover the courts.

The Spring sports schedule conflicts create lot of dependence on mothers of athletes to photograph games.

Also qn Tuesday, a varsity baseball game at the high school ball field occurs during a middle school double-header at the county recreation park.

A bunch of weather delays from this stormy Spring season adds to the delays that creates more conflicts.

Fortunately, the Press can depend on several good Soccer Moms (and Softball Moms and Baseball Moms) to offer good photos of the conflicting events.

My thanks to them. They go a good job and provide more coverage for our local paper.

Baseball action for the FCHS Buffs.

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