Mother Nature: The bitch that roars

The 2018 Spring that wasn’t disappeared into the ionosphere with the start of the third week of April as the thermometer plunged below freezing overnight Monday, leaving residents of Southwestern Virginia wondering just what the hell happened.

High waters from the weekend’s massive storms iced over and winds that remains in the teens leaves the area shivering with “real feel” lows of 18 or less.  While the thermometer is expected to reach the mid 50s Tuesday, the “real feel” will stay in the 40.

Just call it another whammy from relentless bitch Mother Nature, her latest backslap in a winter-spring season that teases us then lays us low.

A wind advisory stays in place from the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg through 8 p.m. Tuesday but the forecast claims the low going into Wednesday will be around 42 with a high of 74 with partly cloudy conditions Wednesday, then cloudy and windy Thursday with a high of 49 and a low of 33.

Friday’s weather could improve to a high of 54 Friday but the low is expected to hit 31 and then 63 and sun Saturday with a low of 39.

Next week is looking a “little better,” assuming forecasts are correct with highs in the high 50s and 60s with little outlook for rain until late in the month.

Of course, this could all change — as it has so much in this topsy-turvy weather season.

Maybe it’s time to off Mother Nature.

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