Enjoying roads often traveled

A winding road, a good motorcycle and a great day.
The love of the open road

Put a little over 100 miles on my worn but still functioning Harley Super Glide Sunday, enjoying a pleasant afternoon before hard rains descend upon the area Monday and Tuesday.

Headed South on Virginia Rte. 8 down Woolwine Mountain, then north on U.S. 58 up Lovers Leap, past Meadows of Dan and towards Hillsville before a stop for a cold soda and time to stretch my legs and consider the next leg of the trip.

Recreational motorcycle trips begin with no particular destination in mind.  Intersections bring a question:  Right, left or straight (if all three options are available).  This year marks the 10th anniversary of my return to two-wheel exploring on a Harley (with occasional time on Amy’s Can Am Spyder).  I hadn’t realized how much I missed time on the road on a motorcycle.

The past 10 years have brought forays through much of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and other surrounding areas, along with trips to Milwaukee (mecca for Harley riders), South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Illinois and more.

Amy and I have visited all 50 states, much of it on two wheels.  I managed to put more than 100,000 miles on my Super Glide in the first three years of ownership and have added another 50,000 miles or so on other bikes.

So each intersection now also means deciding whether I have taken a certain road, a designated route and a destination not traveled before.  In just about every case, I’ve been there and done that at least once in the past decade.

Even so, it remains fun to revisit most of these places. On Sunday, after the break in Hillsville, I climbed back on the Harley and headed home on U.S. 221 towards Floyd, a road often traveled but always interesting.

Boredom is not something one experiences on most motorcycle rides.

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