A beautiful day here in our mountain paradise


A day with nothing to report on or write about.

Yes, there’s stuff out there I could cover but I’m in a lackadaisical mood this morning.

Haven’t written a thing on this website this for the last two days or a column for the political side of things for even longer.

The weather is nice, the road awaits and I’m not up to delving into any problems or news, either here in Southwestern Virginia or among the madness of Washington.

Maybe time in the gym is leaving me feeling better and unwilling to mix in controversy or dabble in news reporting.

Perhaps the stars have come into alignment, or some other celestial arrangement that is supposed to make things better.  Or it could be a happening in my life that I cannot discuss at this time is making me smile.

I will enjoy it while it lasts.

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© 2021 Blue Ridge Muse