Found in the tick of time…hopefully

3D rednering of a male and female deer tick.
3D rendering of a male and female deer tick. (Image courtesy of Wikipedia).

Two ticks in three days found on yours truly.

Bobby Gardner found one on the front of my t-shirt during the Ignite Floyd concert early Friday evening.

On Monday morning, I felt something in my hair after toweling it dry following a shower after a Monday trip to the Floyd Fitness Center.

Were they the dreaded deer ticks?  Don’t think so but a definite ID usually take a closer examination that I gave before sending the invader spiraling down the toilet and into our septic system.

The one on the front of my shirt had not found its way to any skin and the other was loose in my hair, apparently looking for a place to embed. When I found it, the tiny invader obligingly walked on to my finger and I walked it to the backroom for flushing.  Fortunately, I found it before it found a place to bite into and embed itself.

The tick may have come into the house with a mouse that our cats cornered and killed sometime Sunday night.  Or it may have  dropped on to me during a day of working on our storm-damage driveway on Sunday.

Lots of ticks showing up this year.  Too much Lyme disease appears as well

A number of folks in Floyd County have come down with Lyme disease in recent years.  The disease is not easy to diagnose until the doctor is checking for it specifically and has some knowledge of the required testing.  Blood tests are often negative in early stages of the dosage.

Others in the county may not know they have the disease as it festers for months and years.  The name comes from Old Lyme, Conn., where the disease was first diagnosed in 1975.

On the upside, Amy and I have another reason (as if we needed one) to fully explore each other’s bodies.

Let the search begin.

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