Enjoying life and having fun

After a round of tests and checkups at Carilion Clinic in Roanoke Wednesday, the doctor concluded my body has lived for more than a few lifetimes over its past 70 years but is capable of doing what I enjoy well past my 70s and into the 80s.

Of course, at age 70, I could keep over at with a heart attack with little or no notice.

That is the unknown of life.  What is known in our household is that if you don’t enjoy life, you probably won’t be around long.

Amy and I have fun.

My lungs are clear, my heart beats at a regular pattern and my blood flows through unclogged arteries and veins.

A new diet regimen and workout program combine to trim unneeded pounds and improves my movements and abilities to function in a culture where people my age are put out to pasture or housed in nursing homes.

At Floyd Workout Wednesday morning, before the sun came up, my heart rate averaged 112 beats a minute during a 30-minute ride on the cardio cycle, peaking at 202 beats during a spurt and settled back to about 92 beats a minute during the cool down cycle.

My muscles feel some soreness because I increased the weight on strength machines, but that is needed as I head into a summer of work on events like the BBQ and Bluegrass event at Chantilly this Memorial Day weekend and events like FloydFest, the Galax Fiddler’s Convention and the weekly routine of coverage of court and government events for the paper.

Peak Rehab gets me for two days a week to continue work on restoring the strength of my legs, ankles and hips — a holdover from the motorcycle crash in 2012.  When they are finished, I will add two more mornings a week to the gym schedule, giving myself full workouts five days a week.

No, I’m not turning into a fitness fanatic.  I’m just want to keep living and enjoying life.

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