After midnight, we gonna let it all hang down

The Wildmans: Their musical jam continued past midnight.

The words of Eric Clapton described last two concerts of the Saturday night edition of The Chantilly Farms Bluegrass and BBQ Festival this year.

With Love Canon, a group that mixes pop songs with Bluegrass, the crowd heard the J-Giles Band classic “Centerfold” on banjo and fiddle and The Wildmans, jamming with Junior Sisk and Mike Mitchell and others, brought A Hard Days Night and jazz and blues tunes to the stage into a set that stretched well past midnight.

Like most areas of Floyd County and Southwestern Virginia, rain descended on Chantilly for a good part of the afternoon but the hardy crowd stuck around and the music played on.

The festival wraps up Sunday with acts that extend into the evening.

Junior Sisk
The Wildmans
Love Canon: Mixing pop and Bluegrass

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