Is a day of dry weather ahead? Two? Three?

Is it possible?

The Weather Channel suggests that four days of the coming week could be dry.

The National Weather Service forecast calls for a possibility of scattered thunderstorms Sunday evening and then dry weather Monday through Thursday.

Be still our hearts.

Is it possible our yard may dry out enough to allow mowing?

Is there a chance that the mud hole at the bottom of our driveway might dry enough to allow plowing and time to add gravel?

Or it there a better chance of seeing pigs in the treetops by morning?

Time will tell but the radar this morning shows the latest round of showers fading into the east and a damn good chance of a sunny day here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Maybe, just maybe, the long grass that has turned our front yard into a wilderness area might dry out enough to allow mowing later Sunday afternoon.

Or maybe the forecast is an illusion and the pattern of rain day in and day out remains as a permanent fixture of our daily weather nightmares.

We shall see.

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