Wife Amy goes off the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, at the end of June because the goes on Medicare July 1 and will also have supplemental insurance from the same company that provided the ACA insurance for the last six years.

She gets off ACA at the right time because all the efforts by wannabe president/king Donald Trump and his band of GOP wackos have mucked up what was a plan that gave many people insurance they needed but couldn’t get under the old system.

For Amy, whose health insurance ran out after a work-related injury screwed up her back and her worker’s comp ran ended, Obamacare saved her health and allowed us to obtain needed surgery because the law forced the insurance company to stop using “pre-existing conditions” as an excuse to not cover her.

Without that surgery, she would probably be in a wheelchair today.  Now, as she turned 65, she will have the same Medicare/Supplemental insurance package that I have.

The Affordable Care Act wasn’t perfect.  Not even close but it was far better than what it replaced and without it, many who had insurance will lose it.

What about the millions of Americans who face loss of health insurance because of the attempts to kill off the Affordable Care Act?  The Congressional Budget Office says the health care law allowed those same millions they couldn’t obtain before but now will be uninsured again because Trump and the Republicans who run Congress don’t give a damn about the health and well-being of most Americans.

As a former political operative for the GOP, I know what drives the party:  Money from well-heeled supporters whose narrow interests are not focused on the needs of most Americans.

Both political parties are controlled by the ultra-wealthy:  The Koch brothers on the right and George Soros on the left, just to name three.  One of the Kochs are getting out of politics but his brother has more than enough of his billions to spend and control Republicans.

Consider what America has become:  A vapid nation with a morally challenged former TV reality host president who lies constantly and is under multiple investigations for conflict of interest, obstruction of justice, fraud and other acts typical of a con artist.

Congress is run by a corrupt congregation of yes men and yes women who let the president run wild with no concern or control.

They sit back while Trump loots the U.S. Treasury, rolls back protections for consumers, disregards increasing threats to the environment and shows more concern for saving jobs in China than in the country he promised to “make great again.”

His real goal is to make “American disintegrate and end” and he’s doing all that he can to achieve that goal as his cult-like following cheer him on.

The destruction of America’s health care insurance system is just one example.  The raping of this country has only just begun.