Depending on which partisan flavor you crave, the anger of acclaimed actor Robert De Niro strong thoughts on the disaster to America that is Donald Trump was either overdue or entirely inappropriate during the Tony Awards show.

Count me as one who thanks De Niro for saying what is both needed and overdue.

It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump.’ ” De Niro said.  “It’s ‘Fuck Trump.’”

I’ve said the same thing more than once about America’s wannabe president/emperor and probably will do so more in the future.  Donald Trump brings out the worst in most people because he is so despicable.

Trump himself has offered the same advice to others in front of television cameras.  Those who spend more time than they would like with him say it is one of his favorite words and one that he employs when he is mad, which is often.

Playwright Tony Kushner agreed with De Niro’s assessment.

“Good for him,” Kushner said backstage.  “I mean, it’s Robert De Niro. Who’s gonna argue with him?”

Oh, Trump’s cultish followers have had plenty to say.  Even here in our little corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwestern Virginia, a post on Facebook brought the naysayers out of the woodwork.

Trump, of course, won the Republican primary and general election vote in Floyd County and most other parts of the Southwestern part of the state in 2016.  That’s not surprising.  Hell, Osama bin Laden would probably win an election here if he ran as a Republican.  That’s how narrowly-focused too many folks are.

But it doesn’t matter much because the voting trends of Floyd County and its sister — and less populated — counties are way, way out of step with most voters in the Old Dominion.  We’ve seen that again and again in rejection statewide of Trump in the 2016 presidential election and most of the candidates he has endorsed since that time.

Good. For the record, I did not vote for Trump.  I also didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.  I didn’t care for either candidate.

At one time, those of us who reject party politics or let partisan image brokers guide our political picks tried to find the right person to fit the job without considering party.

Sadly, the candidates of both parties are mostly robotic stand-ins.  You might as well wind them up and let ’em run amuck.

We might as well do the same to them that De Niro suggests Trump deserves.  At best, Trump is even a caricature of himself, a loser so devoid of soul or substance that doubts emerge as soon as most people have the misfortune of encountering him.

Wrote Dana Milbank in The Washington Post when Trump embarrassed himself and America in 2017:

Trump has presented himself to the world as the caricature of the ugly American: loud, boorish and ill-informed. For nine days in Europe and the Middle East, Trump shoved, hectored and lectured, betraying confidences and demonstrating an ignorance of world affairs.

Every time Trump leaves the country, he finds more ways to become an even uglier American.  His despicable behavior at the G-7 meeting in Canada last week was a an out-of-control child and his so-called “summit” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was a scripted reality show that let a dictator deliver nothing but empty promises while he pulled the plug on military exercises that left American military leaders wondering what else could happen from the madman of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

De Niro was right to tell Trump to go fuck himself.  Little boy Trump has already done exactly that to America and what was left of its standing in the world.