Rain, followed by wet, sticky heat

Yeah, it is hot out there.

Familiar site in this wet Spring that is now the Summer where the rain never appears to end.

The National Weather Service predicts an afternoon and evening of thunderstorms that may or my not hit in areas, depending on where you live or might be at the time, followed by two more days of moisture falling from the skies.

But the rain may take a break after Wednesday.  The 10-day forecast from the Weather Service office in Blacksburg shows less chance of showers or storms from Thursday through next Tuesday before the daily forecast of “scattered thunderstorms.”

This might give us a dry Fourth of July if the current forecast holds and, when it comes to weather predictions, that is always a big “if.”

But dry or wet, the temperature outlook is hot and humid with daily highs approaching 90 in Floyd County and possibly 100 in other locations.

So the wet from the rain that can cause your clothing to cling to your skin will be replaced with sweat that oozes out of your pores.

Welcome to summers here in the mountains.

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