Duck Soup


050905ducks.jpgYeah, we know. The duck pictures are getting a little old. But we enjoy chronicling the activities of our feathered friends and it gives us a chance to work some more with your new High Definition Video (HDV) Equipment. These shots are still-frame captures from video shot with a Sony Z1 HDV camcorder. In most cases, it takes a long-range telephoto to pull animals in this close but the ducks have become so accustomed to our presence that I sat on the bank just five feet from them to capture these images.

At first, the mallards didn’t want anything to do with the white domestic duck that lives in our neighbors’ pond but they soon accepted him as one of their own and they now feed together on most days.

We will miss the mallards when they move on but we know they will once their five ducklings are ready. But, for now, we simply enjoy each other’s company.

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