At a time when religious fundamentalists clap and cheer over appointment of hard-core conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh to an open seat on the U.S. Supreme Court because his vote could outlaw abortion, Pew Research says public approval of legal abortion is at an all-time high in America with more than 60 percent saying the procedure should be allowed in most cases.

Kavanaugh is a pick of scandal-scarred accidental president Donald Trump, a known sexual predator who has told 4,229 lies in 558 days.

Pew adds that “80% of religiously unaffiliated Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, as do two-thirds of white mainline Protestants (67%).”

Anti-abortion feelings come out of “evangelical Protestants,” who are loud but are not even close to a majority of Americans.


American evangelicals — once seemingly immune to the decline experienced by their Catholic and mainline Protestant neighbors —  are losing numbers and losing them quickly.

Americans are also continuing to move away from organized religion altogether, as atheists, agnostics and those who say they do not identify with any particular religion — the group known as the “nones”  — hold steady at about one-quarter (24 percent) of the population.

I am a member of that growing portion of Americans: Those who no longer belong to an organized religion denomination.  I believe in God, but I can no longer support organized religion.

Why?  Because I feel most denominations have moved away from what I feel are true beliefs.  I have talked with religious scholars — including fundamentalists — who say the “word of God” does not oppose gay marriage, homosexuality or non-traditional beliefs.

I say “amen” to that conclusion.  I also support a woman’s freedom of choice when it comes to abortion.

Trump, of course, has strong support among the evangelical protestants in fundamentalist Floyd County.  He also enjoys backing by right-wing Bible thumpers like Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Ask a Trump supporter in this county, which voted for Trump in 2016, and many say they don’t like many of his actions but they voted for him anyway because of his promise to appoint conservative judges to deep-six legal abortion.

Polls say a majority of Americans do not support overturning the current laws allowing abortion.  Most now say the don’t care for Trump.  Less than 50 percent of the voters in 2016 voted for Trump and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.9 million Americans.  So many voters stayed home, which meant Trump received votes from just over a quarter of the eligible voters in this country.

In the end, he won the Electoral College, which was all that counted.

Donald Trump, however, is an national and international disgrace.

In his first year as president, he told 2,140 false or misleading claims.  Now, just six months into his second year, the total is almost double, primarily because he averaged 16 lies a day in June and July.

No president in American history has lied so often, so flagrantly and so routinely as Donald John Trump.

Even worse, no leader of America has openly coddled up to and sucked up to enemies of the nation, from the unbalanced leader of North Korea to the killer dictator of Russia.

So the liar is also a contemptible traitor, a tyrant elected to office by a minority of voters in the 2016 election, a treasonous president with known ties to the Russian mob and a criminal under investigation by a special counsel, the Department of Justice, the New York Attorney General and the Maryland Attorney General.

No other president in history has been sued by so many small business vendors as those who have against Trump for non-payment of bills for work on his real estate projects.  No president has declared bankruptcy for as many times as Trump.  He is the only president in American history charged with raping a 13-year-old modelin Manhattan or sexually harassing so many women in filed statements.

No president except Trump has paid off as many women to keep quiet about their affairs.  No other president in American history was taped bragging about “grab ’em by their pussies” as his version of foreplay or laughed on the radio when a shock jock called his daughter “a piece of ass.”

And no other recent president in American history has refused to release tax returns and withdraw from his business interests to prevent getting rich by deals with foreign governments.  Trump continues to pocket millions from foreign governments that stay at his hotel in Washington and his extravagant golf resorts.

Donald John Trump is a liar, a crook, a con man, a serial sexual predator and a traitor to America.

Time to abort his presidency.