Looks like Florence is coming to dinner…and staying

The projected path of Hurricane Florence (issued at 11:00 pm Monday).
The projected path of Hurricane Florence (issued at 11:00 pm Monday by the National Weather Service).

Based on the long lines and emptying shelves at Floyd’s Food Lion Monday night, you might have expected Hurricane Florence to be just one day away from our part of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I stopped by to pick up a few things for Amy after shooting photos of Floyd County High School’s district golf match at Great Oaks Country Club and found my small cart of a half dozen items sandwiched in by large carts packed with hundreds of dollars worth of provisions.

Forecasts for Florence say tropical force winds should arrive in our part of the Old Dominion by Thursday evening and current estimates say we will have gusting winds up to about 73 miles per hour through the weekend in a major hurricane that is expected to hit the North Carolina coast as a Category Four storm.

That trajectory, however, can and probably will, move to the north or south between now and then, meaning we could get a easier batch of rain or perhaps a major blow this weekend.

Some forecasters say Florence could match or exceed Hugo, the last big one to rampage through Floyd County.

Right now, the forecasts says we face at least tropical force winds, rainfalls of 1-5 inches and flooding through at least Monday.

Have weekend plans?  You might want to cancel them.


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