Remembering that fateful day 17 years ago

Captured my chance at the State Theater in Falls Church, Virginia, after the terrorism attacks on September 11, 2011. 

Most of us remember where we were on September 11, 2001, the day American jetliners hijacked by terrorists slammed into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, DC, while another crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers intervened and stopped their plan to hit somewhere else in the nation’s capital.

I spent most of that fateful day on an embankbank on Columbia Pike in Arlington, an angle to photograph the carnage at the Pentagon.  In following days, I tried to capture the mood of Washington in tributes.

While dropping my wife off at a doctor’s appointment in Falls Church four days after 9-11, I saw an American flag draped at a movie theater across the street so I grabbed my camera and went to shoot some photos.  Just as I began snapping, a motorcyclist with a tattered old glory flowing behind him, passed the theater, giving me a shot that appeared in newspapers all over the world.

Many of my photos shot on that day circled the globe in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet.  That was, and still is, my job: Capturing images of news of the day.

A year later, public television asked several of us who were at the Pentagon that day to put together a short video clip.  This was mine and it is one that I still show on each anniversary of that terrible day that changed history and America.

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