Florence is an angry lady, but mostly for the Carolinas

Radar from the National Weather Service from this morning.
Radar from the National Weather Service from this morning.

The Hurricane Florence threat appears to worsen for North and South Carolina and eases for Southwestern Virginia as the massive hurricane prepares to strike first in eastern North Carolina and storm warnings now extend from Santee River, South Carolina to Duck, NC and includes Myrtle Beach, Wilmington and the Outer Banks.

The Carolinas can expect enormous rainfalls of up to 40 inches, storm surges with waves up to 84 feet high and high winds over 100 miles per hour.

Still, the storm could dump heavy rain on Southwestern Virginia on Monday and Tuesday of next week with 3-5 inches of rain possible along the Appalachian Mountains.

Floyd County and Virginia are in a state of emergency declared by the state and local governments and the outlook still suggests a wet beginning of the week.

Florence threats eases somewhat for our area

If the storm shifts just a few degrees either way, the forecasts and warnings could change, intensify or weaken.

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