Something is cramping my lifestyle

On the job at The Friday Night Jamboree.
On the job at The Friday Night Jamboree.

What I thought would be a fun, relaxing night shooting video at The Friday Night Jamboree and the music on Floyd’s streets turned into an after midnight rash of severe muscle cramps in my lower left leg.

The first cramp came at shortly after 1 a.m. and brought me bolting from a supine position of sleep up to a sitting position on the side of the bed with a moan that brought wife Amy out of a sound sleep.

With her knowledge of muscle cramps from her high school and college days as a gymnast and dancer, Amy massage the legs, probing the tight stretched muscles on my back calf until the sharp pain eased and I tried to fall back asleep.

Didn’t work.  A second cramp left me unable to stand as I tried to get out of bed to “walk it off.”  This became a routine that continued until well after 3 a.m. Finally fell asleep shortly before 4 and managed a couple of hours before another cramp woke me up a little after six and I said “the hell with it” and got up, poured a cup of coffee and went to work in my studio, editing stories that came in overnight for use on our national news political website.

Yes, I was lugging around a large video rig Friday night, something I have done time and time again at Jamborees and other events over the years.  Yes, I was busy all week covering various news events for several media organizations and newspapers, something I do most weeks.

So why are the muscles on the back of my lower left leg still pulsating like the macarena?  I’ve had that happen over the last five-plus years in my right leg after a motorcycle accident left multiple broken bones that are held together with braces, shafts, screws and bolts but the only problem with the left leg was a minor cracked fibula in 2014.

A check on the Internet recommends a test for poor circulation or Peripheral Artery Disease.  Had those tests several times since the Great Cow Encounter with my Harley in 2012.  Every test came back clean.  My circulation is considered good, especially for a 70-year-old man, my doctors say.

Tests also say no diabetes, my blood cholesterol is normal and my blood pressure is controlled by medication.

So what is cramping my style?

One website this morning probably nailed the cause.  “Age over 50,” it said.

Oh, hell.

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