Another hurricane threat? Yes and no.

(Courtesy of the National Weather Service.)
(Courtesy of the National Weather Service.)

Here we go again.  Another week, another hurricane threat and more anxiety as Hurricane Michael set to hit the Florida panhandle Wednesday with an expectation that it could be a Category 3 storm.

Michael is forecast as a fast-moving storm that will lose hurricane force before it passes Southeast of Floyd County and surrounding areas but the path, and forecasts, are subject to change.

Rainfall projections.

Roanoke Times weather guru Kevin Myatt expects rainfall of 1-3 inches on Thursday in our region with 2-4 inches or perhaps more in some areas with the Blue Ridge, as always, playing a central role in what the weather might do.

“We’ll probably see flood watches later this week, and there may be some streams and rivers that rise close to or above flood stage,” he writes.

Hurricane Michael’s pass-through is not expected to affect the arrival of cooler and drier conditions for the upcoming weekend as more Autumn-like weather might actually decide to show up in our area.

However, as with all weather forecasts and expectations, things can change.

Mother nature, we learned long ago, is a conniving, nasty bitch.


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