Rain, on our plain, is a constant pain

The last thing our area needs is rain.  So. of course, it’s raining on this Sunday morning.

The National Weather Service office in Blacksburg claims the rain should stop, for a while, around 1:30 Sunday afternoon, and then start again around 9 pm and shower, of and on, through late Monday morning.

Then, perhaps, no rain for the rest of the normal work week until showers again on Saturday.

This, of course, is conjecture.  That’s what weather “forecasts” are nowadays, just a lot of guessing while “meteorologists” point to colorful digital radar images and pontificate.

Want more bad news?  Preliminary guesses for the next three months show milder temperatures in the north (where we don’t live) and colder temperatures in the south (where we currently live, but that could change).

“We’ve reduced forecast temperatures a bit in the eastern U.S. for November and have increased them across the northern Rockies and Plains, given the expected Arctic Oscillation trends later in the month and the contrarian ECMWF (European model) guidance,” says Dr. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist with The Weather Company, the outfit that runs The Weather Channel and Weather.com.

Of course, such estimates by the “experts” are, at best, calculated guesses from sources and indicators that, themselves, are subject to change.

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