Cold this morning. Damn cold.

Thermometer on our back porch read 30 degrees at 4:40 am Friday.


Damn cold.

National Weather Service office in Blacksburg predicts the high in Floyd County will be just 61 degrees, which is where they expect the thermometer to reach between 1 and 2 pm and stay there until around 4:30 pm before it heads south to an overnight low of 51 — cool but not freezing like this morning.

Saturday’s high and low?  Up to 58 degrees and down to 33 overnight.  Cooler on Sunday: Just 47 for the high and 31 for the low.

Fall is upon us and the days of 70 and 80 degree high temperatures appear to be gone.

As for rain, the forecasts call for morning showers on Saturday, then dry and showers again on Friday and Saturday of next week and most of the week after that.

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