Creatures of the night

My five-mile drive into Floyd between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. each morning for time in the gym often includes encounters of several varieties of animal and critters.

Usually see deer along Harvestwood Road between Sandy Flats and U.S. 221.  A full-crown male with what looked like at 10-point rack stood along Harvestwood as I drove by this morning.

A bear cub also scampered along side of the road this morning.  Thankfully, mama bear did not come charging out of the woods to protect her young.

Possums and raccoons often cross the road along Sandy Flats, Harvestwood and 221.  I usually turn onto Christiansburg Pike enroute to Needmore Lane and often see deer and other denizens of the night in the headlights.

Hunting season stirs up deer this time of year.

I’ve seen bobcats and coyotes on the roads in the darkness of the morning, animals rarely observed in the past.

In our 14 years in Floyd County (this time around), Amy and I have hit six deer (three apiece), all on Harvestwood.  They seem suicidal.

In recent years, however, they seem less afraid of passing cars.  As the buck this morning, they often watch as we pass and then go on about their deer business.

Al, life in the country.

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