Losing control of our front yard

Our front yard...or at least part of it.

If I want to mow my long-neglected yard, I’d better try to do it Wednesday afternoon with the temperatures in the high 60s and partly cloudy conditions (assuming, of course, if the forecast from the often-wrong National Weather Service is correct).

Sporadic rain over the past few days kept the yard, aka “wilderness,” too damp to mow for what could be the last cutting of the season.

Yard work is not one of my talents and the poor conditions of that three-and-a-half acres, mostly on a hillside, testify to that.  Perhaps it is a result of 23 years of living in a high-rise condo in Arlington during our tenure in the nation’s capital, where “yard work” consisted of sweeping off our balcony and offered a partial view of the DC skyline beyond the courtyard.

I just don’t have what it takes to do a good job on such things.  We looked at awe at the expansive front yard when we closed on our home in December of 2004 and the yard probably looked it best then as winter approached.

We’ve lost the battle with weeds, several sinkholes now drop into the once smooth surface, thanks to stumps buried by an earlier owner that decomposed, and overgrowth around the stream that runs along the bottom (and only level surface) of the acreage is out of control.

The yard looked good for a while in 2013 and 2014 when a lawn keeper cared for it while I recovered from a motorcycle accident in late 2012 but went back into disarray when I assumed attempts to mow it on a regular basis over the last three years.

We’re on our third riding mower, having worn two, and the steepness of the hill may leave the current one on the sidelines after this year.

When it comes to acceptable lawn care, I guess I just can’t cut it.

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