Banjos saved him from death by tomatoes

Keith Alessi on stage at The Floyd Country Store.

Retired corporate company resurrection expert Keith Alessi traced a fatal threat of esophageal cancer to acid reflux from eating tomatoes so he did for himself what he did for companies — find out how to save a dying enterprise and put it back on track.

He told that story Saturday night at The Floyd Country Store with his presentation of “Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me.  Banjos Saved My Life,” a show of anecdotes, music and humour that he told many times on tour in his native Canada.

If you visit the Sunday Jam sessions at the Country Store, you may have listened to Alessi’s music.  Students at Washington and Lee University’s Law School also learn from his lectures as an adjunct professor.

His love of banjos, old-time traditional music and a positive outlook gave him a new lease on life.

Jamming after the show.


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