A sober New Year on a third rock from the sun

An early morning and the road awaits...

High temperatures here in Floyd County should reach the mid-50s Sunday with just under two days before the end of 2018.

Same for Monday — New Year’s Eve — with some morning rain, followed by clearing and a partly sunny forecast for the first day of 2018 with highs again over 50.

For those of us who gather on the first day of each year for the annual “Happy Hangover” motorcycle ride, the forecast looks good, although winds may average around nine miles per hour.

The “Happy Hangover” ride is a good time for those of us who greet each changeover of the year without the headache, dry mouth and worse from downing too much alcohol to celebrate the New Year.

It’s led by a “fellow traveler” in recovery from drinking or drug abuse, who joined by most of us who share that bond.  I will celebrate 24 years, six months and 25 days on January 1, 1994.

Several on the ride have longer periods of sobriety.  Other have less.  Our bond is a commitment to stay sober and clean and face our battle with addiction one day at a time.

For a change, Mother Nature offers a pleasant weather with good company and a fun ride to celebrate both the first day of a new year with another day of spending that day with a hangover.

The first day of the New Year also offers a start on what most of us hope is a better year than what we faced in 2018.  Amy suffered much of 2018 with a battle against ulcers.  My injuries from the motorcycle-cow encounter six years ago still hobble my movements while I struggle to recapture memories lost from a brain injury from that encounter.

We are blessed to live in a great place with many good friends and can continue to practice my profession as a newspaperman.  Shooting photographs of high school sporting events and covering news for The Floyd Press allows a return to where a major part of that profession began more than half a century ago.

I continue to build a video archive of the music that defines Southwestern Virginia.  I’m still not sure where that archive will settle after I’m gone but I hope filming music and other events can continue for at least the near future.

A few years ago, I stopped making New Year’s resolutions.  Part of that came from inattention, another part from a realization that I seldom kept the ones I made.  I’m working on some new ones for 2018 and hope to share them with readers by Monday.

Looks like good enough weather for this December 30, so I hope to get our Can Am Spyder out for a spin and get her ready for the Happy Hangover ride on Tuesday.  The Dyna is torn down for an electrical repair and other work so I will be three-wheeling for the time being.

The end is near for 2018 and a new year brings more challenges and, we hope, more reasons to celebrate our time on the Third Rock From The Sun.

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